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In order to be competitive with your business on the Internet nationally or locally, you have to know what your competitors are doing and know what you can be doing better than your competitors.  To get more traffic and leads to your website, it requires that you have the best possible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website.  SEO does not involve just one or two simple things. It involves a lot of technical skills, competitor and keyword research, numerous ranking factors, advanced SEO tools, analysis, and planning.  SEO is an ongoing process and not simply a one time set it and forget it effort.  In today’s competitive world of the Internet, you have to be make sure you have this done by an SEO Specialist who specializes in SEO instead of just anybody who gives just a simple few details about your website.  You can trust our SEO Specialists and Digital Marketing Specialists with over 15 years of experience to cover every single detail necessary to achieve this.  It is our goal to make sure you succeed in your business and exceed the effort’s of your competitors.

The first step with SEO is our free SEO Competitor Analysis Report which analyzes your website and shows you how well your website is search engine optimized and how it ranks in SEO against your competitors.

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Your Free SEO Competitor Report Includes:

Your free SEO report will be completed by our top SEO Specialists and not just by some basic software tool.  In your free SEO audit you will see how well your site ranks in the following ranking factors:

  • Is your Website is Secure? (HTTPS or HTTP)
  • Is your Website Mobile Friendly
  • Website Page Speed
  • Does Your Website have technical issues preventing it from being seen by Google?
  • Is Your Optimized for Social Media?
  • Do you have enough backlinks to make Google think your site is important?
  • How much website traffic does your site get?
  • User experience issues
  • PPC recommendations
  • Local SEO – Google My Business profile strength

Why Do We Think We are the Best SEO Company for you?

There are free SEO Audits available, but a real SEO Audit takes time to do and gives a total picture of your website.  Some things to keep in mind are that with SEO:

  • After the audit, SEO has to be implemented, tracked, and refined
  • It takes time for rankings to increase
  • The best SEO gives your website the best chance to get leads and new customers
  • SEO should not promise thousands of backlinks from websites overnight. It is important to get these from reputable sites to prevent your site from being penalized by Google.